The hopper

This blog star­tet with infor­ma­ti­on on twit­ter that just pro­du­ced pic­tures in my head I didn’t need. And then the­re were peop­le twit­te­ring on actions they obvious­ly real­ly did. The­re were peop­le as well that wro­te stran­ge things on pur­po­se to gain atten­ti­on. But well, who doesn’t?

Today we’re com­ing back to tho­se irri­ta­ting pic­tures. Devin is about to go to bed but he has just got­ten a pic­tu­re that he wants to sha­re with his fol­lo­wers:


I don’t know if this is a tweet that’s just meant to pro­vo­ke. I guess it somehow does. Whe­re in god’s name do you see tram­po­li­nes just befo­re going to sleep? And in what way is a tram­po­li­ne inte­res­ting to have sex on?

May­be you can find out!

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