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So this was Dai­sy, and what have we done? Well in Ger­ma­ny many igno­red the warnings what cau­sed germany’s most known wea­ther man to cri­ti­ci­ze the DWD, a ger­man wea­ther ser­vice. Its warnings were accord­ing to him way too impre­cise to the peop­le so that peop­le could be get­ting used to igno­re tho­se warnings in the future.

In Eng­land peop­le bought food in an all-you-can-eat man­ner and stay­ed at home, not going to work. And this alt­hought the­re was even less snow fal­ling down than in Ger­ma­ny. For ger­mans in Eng­land it was even stran­ge that the English didn’t try to get the snow off the stre­ets.

So you’re a litt­le bit left in the dark when it comes to the ques­ti­on how to react on tho­se wea­ther warnings. To be too frigh­te­ned seems to be as less a good reac­tion as to igno­re tho­se warnings com­ple­te­ly.

So what about focus­sing on dif­fe­rent methods to find out what kind of wea­ther the­re is to expect. For that I’m in favor of Bran­di Forte’s offer.

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