The mistaken painter

Eas­ter is the time for tra­di­ti­on. Two days of fami­ly­ship, going to the church, lis­ten­ing to that Jesus come­back tour, stan­ding round the Eas­ter fire and sear­ching for the Eas­ter bun­ny.

But whe­re­as Christ­mas attracts peop­le with the giving and get­ting gifts game, Eas­ter is rather restrai­ned. The thought Eas­ter stands for is much more idea­listic. It might be even har­der to wor­ship that thought, which could be the Pope’s rea­son to ask for peace every year.

So why not break up with tra­di­ti­ons if new ritu­als turn out to rep­re­sent your wor­ship much bet­ter? Eas­ter seems to stand for some­thing good, so not repla­cing it with any­thing wouldn’t be very ratio­nal.

This must have been Schlenz­a­lot’s inten­ti­on befo­re sta­ting:


[Just colou­red eggs (testi­cles?). Colour’s itching a bit.]

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