ddeimeke Weiss ja nicht, was du brauxhst außer ein großes Handy. Ich habe mir zum Testen ein Doogee X6 Pro für schmalea Geld geholt und bin…

The sinker

What guys don’t really like is being spon­tan­iously asked for giv­ing a reli­able answer on what they’re doing at the moment. This is so because men often do not have a reli­able answer and are urged to think about one quickly. Then they will come up with any answer that they could at least try to defend. They still are uncom­fort­able with the sit­u­a­tion.

The whole thing gets more dif­fi­cult as guys some­times come up with crap they enjoy that they never want to defend with words:


Can you see Brian’s his­tory on that topic? Him being at home on a won­der­ful day, stay­ing in the gar­den, watch­ing the sun and the bees and the birds and the trees, going to the toi­let, see­ing the sink, think­ing about it…

But then there’s not twit­ter but your girl­friend sud­denly stand­ing next to you and asks “What are you doing?”. And within a sec­ond you rec­og­nize: This is not a ques­tion.

And within an hour you real­ize: This is not my girl­friend any longer. But hey, now I got the bath­room on my own, so this is a vic­tory some­how, don’t you think?

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