die musikalischen top 10 alben des jahres

In die­sem Forum habe ich mal mei­ne per­sön­li­chen Top10-Alben des Jah­res zusam­men­ge­stellt. Hier das Gan­ze mal in einer ver­link­ten Ver­si­on.

01. Duf­fy — Rock­fer­ry
02. Scou­ting for girls - Scou­ting for girls
03. Iso­bel Camp­bell & Mark Lane­gan — Sunday at Devil Dirt
04. Mêlée — Devils and angels
05. R.E.M. — Acce­le­ra­te
06. Brett Ander­son — Wil­der­ness
07. Vam­pi­re Wee­kend — Vam­pi­re Wee­kend
08. A fine fren­zy — One cell in the sea
09. Cold­play — Viva la vida
10. Donots — Coma Came­le­on

Knapp ver­fehlt:
Get well soon — Rest now wea­ry head! You will get well soon
Cyn­di Lau­per — Bring Ya to the Brink
Robert Zim­mer­mann wun­dert sich über die Lie­be (OST)
Sara Bareil­les — Litt­le voice


The lord and the ring

So, final­ly this year comes to an end and this is our last ent­ry this year. And to pre­sent some­thing spe­cial we’ve got two pre­mie­res today. Today’s tweet is not a tweet but a dent and it’s from a frech­man. You will find out the signi­fi­can­ce of the lat­ter soon. We took a dent, that is an ent­ry from identi.ca, becau­se TMI do come up the­re nowa­days as well. So for us the con­tent is important, not the name of the ent­ry.

It’s not a too easy task for guys to plea­su­re girls. As a cool guy you’re sup­po­sed to know. It’s enough for girls to smi­le and wait. Guys get the pres­su­re. Wit­hin a guest arti­cle I was thin­king about tho­se poor ger­mans that are not well known to be good lovers. This is dif­fe­rent with their french com­ba­tants.

A french lover seems to be a guy that knows how to tre­at girls right, when to talk and when to kiss. Kay­sha is one of that kind, a guy that can make girls moan. See his open shirt, his body and the cross upon his chest. Body and soul seem to act in har­mo­ny.

But, uh, some­ti­mes things slip away from his atten­ti­on…


So wel­co­me to the world of french lovers. A world that starts with the ques­ti­on: “What things do I miss today and could it be I acci­den­ti­al­ly left them in a girl’s vagi­na? And who­se vagi­na?”

But it shouldn’t be much of a pro­blem for a french lover to get things right. A pho­ne call will do. “Hi! Do you remem­ber me from last night? I’m mis­sing my keys. Did you find some­thing in your vagi­na this morning, that was not sup­po­sed to be the­re?”


France Gall — Computer Nr. 3

Es ist ja ein Irr­tum neue­ren Datums, dass die Balz über den Com­pu­ter eine Erfin­dung der 90er Jah­re gewe­sen ist. Dem möch­te ich mal ent­schie­den ent­ge­gen­tre­ten. Fran­ce Gall zum Bei­spiel, eine Fran­zö­sin, die ansons­ten mit zwei Apfel­si­nen im Haar und an den Hüf­ten Bana­nen durch die Gegend rann­te, nutz­te schon in den 60er Jah­ren die neu­mo­der­ne Tech­nik:

Die Hoff­nung, Erfolg mit dem Com­pu­ter bei der Män­ner­fin­dung zu bekom­men, kam ihr wohl, nach­dem der vor­he­ri­ge Annon­ce kei­nen Erfolg brach­te:


Sledgehammer vs. The cherry tree (mash-up)

Wie­der mal ein sehr schö­nes Misch­masch von DJ Schmol­li aus Peter Gabri­el und KT Tun­stall.


Peter Vornelius — Du entschuldige i kenn di (mit Untertiteln)

Öster­rei­chisch akzen­tu­ier­te Lie­der soll­ten eigent­lich immer unter­ti­telt wer­den, denn die Zei­len mit Peter hat­te ich bis­her so noch über­haupt nicht aufm Schirm 😉 .


The christmas jingle

Christ­mas is the time of having fun, get­ting pres­ents and eating. And we all hope you’re having fun in that sen­se. But as you can ima­gi­ne TMIs don’t stop with christ­mas.
In a broad sen­se Christ­mas is a ying and yang thing. You give pres­ents, you get pres­ents, you visit peop­le, peop­le visit you, you’re eating tons of food and meet that stuff again…


Well, in hoping you’re going to lis­ten also to other christ­mas tunes this year: Mer­ry Christ­mas whe­re­ver you are!


Erdmöbel — Weihnachten