The emo boarding

Wit­hin the last tweet we found out some­thing more about the world of man­hood and its chall­an­ges. That topic brought us to the ques­ti­on: What’s the grea­test chal­len­ge of woman­hood nowa­days?

Won­der­girl has an ans­wer to that ques­ti­on:

In english: We deci­ded in chick talk that we all want to fuck an emo one day.
The­se girls refer to the actu­al defi­ni­ti­on of “emo” as given in wic­tiona­ry: “A young per­son who is con­s­i­de­red to be over-emotional or ste­reo­ty­pi­cal­ly emo”. I used to pic­tu­re it this way:

In the old days it was a challan­ge for women to “walk like an egyp­ti­an” and other types of adap­t­ing dif­fe­rent roles. The­se days are clear­ly over.
But how come fuck­ing an emo is one of the most inte­res­ting chall­an­ges a woman can expe­ri­ence the­se days? Are the­re more of the­se deci­si­ons done in chick talk we should bet­ter be infor­med about? Do they expect the emo to cry? Do they wan­na have someo­ne insi­de their bed being more stly­ed then they are?

Or do I miss the essen­ti­al point of fuck­ing emo’s?

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